ProCardex GmbH

PXDPF3579- 3.5AL

  • The High Performance 2D Graphics filling rate performance can reach up to 80M pixels per second.
  • Image Processor
    such as oil-pen effect, colorful pencil-drawing effect, black-and-white effect, sepia effect, color-filtering effect.
  • JPEG Engine inside up to 256M-pixel still JPEG decoding and up to1280x1024@17fps motion JPEG clip decoding
  • USB2.0 I/F
    supports a USB1.0 Host and a USB2.0 Device I/Fs
  • Support SD/SDHC/MMC card I/F Display Interface
  • Rechargeable battery inside.
  • TFT Panel size: 3.5” (4:3) 320x240cM
  • Photo frame size: 14x10.5x3cm
  • Power adaptor: in put 100-240V
  • ACCESSORY: Manual, power adaptor, USB cable.
  • Rubber coating- optional